Types of Family Law Services

Child Custody and Support
Do you need to initiate a child custody or child support case, change the current arrangement, or is your former partner attempting to do so?

Types of Family Law Services

Do you want to file for an uncontested/agreed to divorce or a contested divorce where there are disputed custody issues or assets to divide?

Types of Family Law Services

Civil Protection Order
Are you suffering from abuse from your partner or former partner? Do you need a stay away order?

Types of Family Law Services

Customized Agreements

• Child Custody, Support, and Visitation

• Separation

• Confidentiality

• Premarital

Family & Child Custody Lawyer for Single Parents in DC & Maryland

Being a single mother or father can be difficult; you probably have a busy schedule of child care, work, and personal demands going on simultaneously. The last thing you need is the burden of navigating the court system for your child custody or other family law case. We will advocate for you and help you navigate through the court system to seek the relief you want in a child custody, child support, divorce or domestic violence, or harassment situation.

We are an innovative client-focused law firm. We can sit with you at our office to discuss your case with you and we also offer a secure client portal, which allows us to have more flexible communication with you. You can now view key documents 24 hours a day. Plus, you can send us secure messages through the portal, which protects the confidentiality you have with your attorney as long as you do not share your log-in information.

If you are ready to discuss your family law matter, please contact us for a consultation using the Quick Contact form on the right or by phone at (202) 870-3021.


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