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Pawnee A. Davis Law Firm, PLLC is a client-focused law firm for companies, government entities, and family-owned businesses. Whether it’s litigation, negotiation, or business consulting, we believe in maintaining integrity. We will aggressively pursue the best solution for you. We will provide legal analysis and a fair assessment of your case based on our legal knowledge and experience. We will strategically handle your legal matter using our skills, legal knowledge, and expertise. The firm also uses external relationships and collaborations with other lawyers and professionals, only when necessary.

On a case-by-case basis we handle legal matters for individuals, especially those that have a business relationship with the firm.  Contact us today for legal representation or business consulting by phone at 202.870.3021 or by email at   >> Read more <<

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Recent Firm Achievements

    • Prevailed in a lengthy divorce trial. Client received the parenting time he requested and tie-breaker authority he requested.
    • Prevailed at trial in a 2016 sexual assault case involving a family member as the accused client.
    • Succeeded at trial in getting a mother of a disabled child a modification of custody that included increased time with her child.
    • Prevailed in a landlord and tenant trial in which over $10,000 in alleged property damage was reduced to zero dollars ($0) and alleged amount of back rent was reduced by 60%.
    • Successfully negotiated a complex and highly contentious matter to reach a global agreement involving two cases and multiple family law issues including custody, support, and domestic violence.

More on Why You Should Hire the Firm

We win most of our cases that go to trial. As the founder of Pawnee A. Davis Law Firm PLLC, Ms. Davis ensures that the firm provides strong advocacy, justice, and consulting to individuals and businesses. Ms. Davis opened the law practice first part-time as a family law practice based on her mission to help give families better quality lives. Then she opened it full-time after resigning from a 10-year career in federal government service at the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a leading professional services and auditing agency that provides neutral, non-partisan, consulting services to Congress. While at GAO she evaluated how federal agencies complied with, implemented, and were affected by laws and policies, and she made recommendations that were adopted. She also gained a wealth of knowledge about how the government sector and organizations operate optimally, deepened her problem solving skills, and her consulting skills. With an MPA and JD, and experience with individuals and various types of businesses, she represents and serves both types of clients well. Read More About Us and Read Our Testimonials

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