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Pawnee A. Davis Law Firm PLLC is a client-focused firm; with us, you have a strong advocate on your side. We believe in maintaining integrity while aggressively pursuing the best solution for your legal matter. You will help us help you by providing us the facts, then we will provide legal analysis and a fair assessment of your case based on our legal knowledge and experience. Using effective litigation and negotiation skills we will fight for what you deserve. Our firm has attorneys inside the firm and through external relationships and collaborations to handle a variety of legal matters, including divorce, family and domestic relations law, contract disputes, landlord/tenant, personal injury, and other civil litigation matters, including: tax, estates and trusts, and business law.


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Contract Disputes

Civil Litigation and Negotiation

Litigation that leads to trial is not the only answer to resolving a dispute. We can work with you to find a resolution by providing support for mediation, settlement negotiations, and preparing agreements that are enforceable by law.

For your family law matter, if you choose not to litigate it, we offer Family Law Agreements for separations, child custody, support, and visitation as well as confidentiality agreements and prenuptial agreements. Sign up or inquire by contacting us. For other matters such as contract disputes or personal injuries we can negotiate a settlement for you.

If you are ready to discuss your case, please contact us to schedule a consultation using the Quick Contact form on the right or by phone at (202) 870-3021.

In this radio interview from March 2015 Pawnee A. Davis, Esq. talks about the attorney-client relationship, some things to avoid when working with your attorney, and things to know about family law cases.

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