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Pawnee A. Davis Law Firm PLLC, in Maryland and Washington, D.C.,  practices in two main areas: Divorce, and Domestic Violence.

Whether it’s litigating or negotiating a solution I believe in maintaining the highest levels of integrity without compromising strength and intelligently advocating for your best interests. I am devoted, tenacious, and strategic in pursuing the best solution for each client’s case. 


I serve all areas of Maryland and Washington, D.C. If distance is an issue I am happy to meet you at a cafe near you for your in-person consultation or strategy session.
Call to schedule a consultation:202.870.3021or use our Contact Form to write a brief description of your legal problem and my office will contact you. 

The Attorney

Pawnee A. Davis

Licensed to practice since 2006

Maryland State Court (Active)

DC State Court (Active)

DC Federal (Active)

Maryland Federal (Pending)

I win most of my cases that go to trial. I opened the law firm first, part-time, as solely a family law practice based on her mission to help give families better quality lives. I am a strong advocate for domestic abuse survivors who need restraining orders and people looking to get divorced from unhappy partnerships. I opened the practice full-time after resigning from a 10-year career in federal government service at the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a leading professional services and auditing agency. I’ve now devoted my career to helping people in difficult family situations.  Read More About Us and Read Our Testimonials

Call to schedule a consultation: 202.870.3021 or use our Contact Form to write a brief description of your legal problem and we will contact you.

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