Rental Property

Rental Property

When you live in rental property it relieves you of the maintenance and upkeep that homeowners have. Ideally you never have to worry about what can go wrong with the upkeep of your rental space. However, when something does go wrong it is important to know your rights.

There are landlord and tenant laws and ordinances that landlords must follow whether they are in the lease or not. Some common issues that lead people to consider seeking an attorney are:

bedbug and roach infestations
failure to maintain premises in habitable living condition
failure to return security deposit
Bedbug and Roach Infestations

Bedbugs and roach infestations can become serious issues. Other than the unsightliness, they can affect your health. If the landlord fails to take proper measures to remedy these issues you can use landlord and tenant court to enforce your rights and may be able to cover your medical bills if any health issues resulted.

Failure to Maintain Premises in Habitable Living Condition

Your landlord has a duty to provide living conditions that are safe and up to housing code. If there are inhabitable defects, such as mold, a roof leaking, no lights, improperly working plumbing you should first notify the landlord. The landlord must then make the repairs within a reasonable period of time. If the landlord does not make repairs and takes months to address your concerns or never does you should seek legal remedies.

Failure to Return Security Deposit

Unless there was some damage beyond normal wear and tear caused by you the landlord must return your security deposit within 45 days of you moving out. The security deposit that you paid should have been kept on record, but do not rely entirely on the landlord. You should also have maintained your own records the unfortunate circumstance that a dispute arises and you must prove your case in court.

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