Contract Dispute With Your Contractor

Contract Dispute With Your Contractor

Are you in a contract dispute with your general contractor because of work that is so embarrassing that your house makes you cringe? The construction is so full of mistakes that you don’t know how you will be able to wake up every day knowing that it’s not the dream house you wanted. And if you wanted to sell it now you wonder if anyone would even want it because of all the work they would have to put into it to make it presentable and bring it up to code.

I have seen this happen before my very eyes. Before I was a licensed attorney who could do anything about it. I was in law school at the time and an older friend of mine bought a house. She was already done with graduate school and had started her career as a journalist for a large news organization. We’ll call her Sarah, for anonymity purposes. It was a house that she knew had potential, and she saw it as a fixer-upper. Sarah had been taught that a house is not only your home, but something that you can make a great invest in. So, she Googled some names and came across a contractor who, for anonymity purposes, we’ll call B. Contracting Company.

Some Concerns About the Construction

After speaking to the general contractor, Sarah hired an architect to produce the construction drawings. After the drawings were done, Sarah signed a contract with B. Contracting Company brought in some men. Sarah immediately had some concerns about the construction. The men were always drinking and she usually had to tell them to clean up after they finished the work for the day. She also was concerned that there was not enough insulation inside some of the walls they were starting to put up and some of the wood they were using seemed a little weak. When Sarah spoke to the general contractor he assured her that everything was going fine. He even convinced her to take out a line of credit at Home Depot and to authorize him to draw from it. I knew at that point that this was getting out of hand. As my friend told me what she was going through I felt like my friend was being taken advantage of and that this would not end well.

One day while visiting Sarah, I thought I saw the general contractor going between her house and another with a truck full of construction materials. I knew that this could not have been in the construction contract. It made me wonder how much of the materials for the other house had been bought with Sarah’s credit card and how did he ensure that her materials were going into her house and not the other. I told Sarah that I would do a little research on this company and general contractor while I was at the courthouse for my internship. I found that the general contractor had a criminal record of theft, drug possession, and drug distribution. I told her and she was beside herself. I told her she should hire an attorney because it was pretty evident that he was not someone she could trust.

Not Bonded, Not Insured

After a consultation with one attorney, named Paula, she felt so comfortable and confident with Paula that she knew he had to hire her. Paula looked into the company and found that it was not bonded, nor insured, which meant it would be harder to get money for damages when she sued. Fortunately, despite the general contractor trying to hide his sources of income, Sarah’s attorney found some assets she could go after. Paula won a $100,00 judgment for Sarah that included damages for the breach of contract and for punitive damages.

Is There Damage to Your Property? Don’t Wait. Talk to an Attorney Now!

If you’re experiencing damage to your property, and construction different than what was agreed to in the contract, Don’t Wait. Talk to an Attorney Now! Talking to an attorney now will help ensure that you don’t incur additional damage to your property. Take your judgment to a new contractor that will honor your contract and your home.