Legal Tools for Your Business

Legal Tools for Your Business

Are you interested in making more money?

Building a better product?

Delivering better services?

As a business owner myself, I understand the struggle of other business owners and what they go through to engage clients, refine their services or products, and to grow.

Prior to launching a private law practice I worked at a leading professional services organization where I conducted program evaluations to find out whether a business’s program was working effectively and efficiently. These businesses included private companies, nonprofit organizations, executive branch agencies, and law enforcement agencies. With a Master’s in Public Administration and a Juris Doctorate, I used my analytic, organizational knowledge, and legal mind; I identified legal issues, ethical issues, and practical issues with the processes and procedures that businesses implemented. When I found these deficiencies I made recommendations that would improve the business and, in some cases, save millions of dollars. There are some measurable benefits to having a legal business consultant do some analysis on your business and figure out where the broken pieces are and put the right ones in place.

To help you understand what I can do for you, I’ll give several examples from the experience I’ve had with this:

A non-profit organization, called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, receives federal money to help catch pedophiles that lure children online to sexually exploit them. They have various partnerships and several different steps to the process to bring these predators to justice. In 2011 I was in charge of determining whether the Cybertipline and associated processes were operating effectively. By going in and speaking to the leadership, the partners, and analyzing documents that the business developed, received, or distributed, I was able to determine that the organization could improve in the way that it collected certain data. With a few changes, they could improve the effectiveness of the program. The business agreed to make the recommended changes and did so in May 2014. (See

Who came up with the phrase “Knowledge is power” had no idea. Washington is full of the type of firm whose purpose is to be the first to disseminate new political information. My career brought me into this realm that I had never heard of before and many others—even those part of the industry had never heard of political intelligence. My directive was to analyze legal, ethical, and practical implications of political intelligence and propose a solution to regulate it. I took a deep dive into the political intelligence industry from a legal perspective and spoke to lobbyists, top law firms, financial firms, top policy firms, the Office of Government Ethics, and others. This industry still remains an industry that is somewhat in the dark due to the difficulty in targeting why some individuals seem to profit from political intelligence; the causality is difficult to prove. (See

I’ve also helped some LLCs stay compliant and get in compliance with their state’s LLC laws. They have a number of questions like can I make this decision for my business without consulting other members? Do I need to improve my operating agreement? Do I need an employee handbook? Do I need a formal agreement in place to establish this business relationship, and can you prepare it? These are just some of the questions I have gotten.

This is the type of knowledge and over ten (10)-years-worth of experience that I bring to businesses in different industries in addition to my legal experience.

My current focus is on industries in technology, cyber security, research and development, creative types, and recipients of federal government contracts, but I’ll take you if your industry interests me. Ask for a proposal for legal, practical, and tax analysis of your business’s processes. Me and my Of-Counsel Tax Attorney that I work with will give you consultation and advice to establish better documents, practices, processes, and procedures.

I would love to work with you! Call 1-(844) 350-8343 or email me by replying to this message (or pass this email along to someone who needs it)!


Pawnee A. Davis, Esq.