You have too much to lose than to leave the custody of your child to chance. Now you don't have to, even if you can't afford to hire a lawyer.

Pawnee A. Davis

Attorney, Business Owner,

Creator of Custody Comfort Legal Kit

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I am an attorney licensed in Maryland and DC, and I have almost a decade of experience in child custody matters. I am motivated by helping parents and children have better quality lives. In my law practice I strive to leave my clients better off  than how they came to me.

While at court I've seen so many unprepared self-represented litigants. They stumble through the court proceedings, the judge says things they don't fully understand, and things happen to them that have lasting consequences for their children because of their lack of knowledge. It becomes especially challenging for those litigants when their children's other parent has an attorney. That is why I decided to create the Custody Comfort Legal Kit. I want to empower self-represented parents, who cannot afford an attorney, to take back some of the control and equip them so that they have a fair chance at custody at a fraction of the cost.

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Custody Comfort Legal Kit

for Parents Who Represent Themselves

The Maryland Edition

Are you:

With the  Custody Comfort Legal Kit you will stride into court with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect, what to say to the judge, and have the right documents filled out correctly.

The legal kit will include document templates, worksheets, checklists to keep you on track, and more!

  • Clueless about what to file with the court?
  • Feeling nervous because your child's other parent has a lawyer and you don't?
  • Unsure about what to say to the judge or the attorney for your child's other parent?
  • At a loss about the terms, court rules, and procedures that you see lawyers use?
  • Frustrated because you don't know how to prepare for trial?

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Are you fighting for custody of your child and want ... need ... a fair chance at winning?

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