Contract Drafting and Disputes


No one expects that contracts made in good faith and reasonableness will one day go bad. As part of a business, you form alliances and create contracts as a natural part of business. Sometimes circumstances change and a party is unable to fulfill their promise under their agreement, resulting in a dispute. It is usually unforeseeable that the party is not able to follow through. Having a written contract drafted that outlines the consequences and remedies for a breach of contract is always a good business practice. A dispute can still arise, however, when the aggrieved party seeks to have the agreement enforced or to be compensated for the contract being breached.

The law firm is equipped to be your general counsel, draft a contract for your business, or to represent you in a law suit for a breach of contract action.

Contract Drafting, Review, and Editing for All Size Businesses

We primarily draft the following contract types for all businesses (large and small corporations, small businesses, and sole proprietorships): employment contracts, contracts for goods, contracts for services, confidentiality contracts, and nondisclosure contracts, and rental agreements and leases. Ms. Davis will ensure that your business contract follows the law of jurisdiction, contract principles, and best practices. With our careful attention to detail you can rest assured that a sound, enforceable contract is in your hands. Click here for more information.

Your General Counsel

If you need an external general counsel, Ms. Davis will make sure that your business is protected. Are you on top of regulations you must follow? Have you put your entity in place? Have you made sure that you are complying with your laws and regulations? Are you unsure how to draft a sound contract? Do you need to know if your future plans are going to be legal when you implement them? Ms. Davis will do this for you when you put her on retainer.

Contract Disputes

Being sued for not paying a debt? Did someone not finish a service? Did a customer or client take off without paying? Often individuals come to us when they are being sued for not paying a debt to a company or when they need to sue a company or individual for nonpayment. When a contract is made between parties they usually make it in good faith expecting to make payment or to perform the duties agreed upon. However, unexpected circumstances can make it impossible to follow through. Or sometimes there is the unfortunate circumstance of someone willingly and intentionally not following through on an agreement. As an aggrieved party in this situation you deserve justice. Sometimes this is obtained through settlement and other times through going to court. Ms. Davis can help you decide the best strategy whether you are the complaining party or the one accused of a breach of contract. When life is busy, it helps to have an attorney who can navigate through the legal system and knows what to expect, whether it’s a large or small claim.

Types of Contract Disputes

The firm primarily focuses on contract disputes involving homeowner’s associations, condominium associations, landlord and tenant disputes of rental agreements, foreclosures, construction, and property management agreements.

Other types of contracts we handle are employment contracts, sales contracts, contracts for services, confidentiality contracts, nondisclosure contracts, noncompete, and any others that individuals and family businesses find themselves a party to.

Resolution of Your Contract Dispute

Ms. Davis will quickly develop a strategy to determine how best to represent you and resolve your breach of contract matter. In some cases, a settlement can be negotiated. This can be advantageous for both parties because they will decrease the amount money and time that would have been spent litigating in court. Whether your case is resolved in-court and outside of court, Ms. Davis can help you get your money back, and get compensated for your inconvenience and any damages if you are the aggrieved party. If you are the party sued, Ms. Davis can help you by applying the most appropriate strategy to resolve the dispute.

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