Domestic Violence and Protection

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very common experience that women go through, and sometimes men. Normally if it happens once it will happen again.

People I’ve met in my law practice have been devastated by the terrorism that their current or former romantic partner inflicted on them.

It ruins self esteem, it triggers or increases psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In addition to physical injuries, tears, and having to be secretive about what is happening to you. It brings on heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and headaches.

It is traumatic.

It is soul crushing.

It is life changing.

And sometimes it ends in death.

Escaping Domestic Violence

If you are the victim of domestic violence you can escape it. You can get your life back. I am an advocate for survivors and those soon-to-be survivors. I have represented many clients and have represented them well. I am a self-proclaimed expert because of the success I have had in court. I have litigated successfully against more senior lawyers who have been around the block many more times than me. So, you’re in good hands.

Falsely Accused

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence I can help you get your name back. You should not have to pay for what you have not done. If you have done nothing and you are honest, that is the best scenario for being able to win.

Protecting Children from Abuse

Sometimes a client will come to me needing to protect their child from abuse from the other parent. If violence, abuse, or sexual abuse is  done to your child, a protection order can protect them. You should bring a case against the abuser on behalf of the child.

Restraining Order Remedies

In domestic violence court you have several remedies. A civil protection order will give you up to one (1) year of protection from the perpetrator of abuse, and it is renewable. You can ask the court for certain remedies such as: the other party must stay 100 yards from your home, your work, your school, your ______ (fill in the blank). You can ask that a current romantic partner, friend, or family member who is at risk of being harmed by the other party, be protected, too. You can ask for your possessions that were taken to be removed, or have the sheriff remove their belongings from your home.

Read more about domestic violence in the firm’s blog.

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Statistics on domestic violence:

Education, shelter and counseling

  • In DC:
  • In Maryland, House of Ruth:
  • Military families:
  • Adolescents and youth from ages 12 to 22:

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