Business Law Areas of Focus

Business Law

The goal for your business is to make money so that you can stay in business. There are behaviors of yours or others that can get in the way.


A dispute can still arise, however, when the aggrieved party seeks to have the agreement enforced or to be compensated for the breach of the agreement. You will want to speak with an attorney to help the business avoid getting into litigation.

Contract Disputes

No one expects that a deal made in good faith and reasonableness will one day go bad.


You form alliances and create business relationships with people you have at least a fair amount of trust with and do not have a reason to doubt. Sometimes circumstances change and either party a party is unable to fulfill their promise under their agreement. It is usually unforeseeable that the party is not able to follow through.


Having a written agreement that outlines the consequences and remedies for a breach of contract is always a good business practice. Litigation can become necessary to get out of a legal quandary.



Even an LLC — one of the easiest type of company to begin and operate– must follow laws that specify what it can do, should do, and must avoid doing.


It is best to either know these laws or speak to an attorney, and get an attorney on retainer who can help you whenever you need it. Your LLC is not going to mean you are 100% protected from being held personally liable for negligence and misdeeds.


If you want your business to succeed and grow you need the right components in place to do it.


You want to make sure that you aren’t doing anything that would hamper your growth, shut you down, or cause you to violate any laws. Right?


Your internal and external agreements should be in place and legally accurate to help establish rules for your business that are consistent with the law.


As your general counsel, I will help you stay legally compliant with the laws and regulations that your business is subject to.


Business consulting from a lawyer helps business owners stay out of court. You should speak to a lawyer early on so that you know what steps to take when forming your business, in the early stages, and while the business grows. What affects your business will end up affecting you personally.


I have over 10 years of experience as a legal and policy analyst and as a litigator in private practice.


I am keen at diagnosing businesses’ problems and finding solutions. While at the Government Accountability Office from 2004 through 2014 I conducted rigorous analysis of federal programs and identified what in their processes, procedures, or policies, needed to be fixed or made more consistent with the law.


I made recommendations that led to saving them millions of dollars for the government and had social benefits as well. I know what you need and will help you work toward solutions for any problem.


Feel confident that you will have nothing to worry about as you manage, sustain, and grow your business.


Having an attorney dedicated to your business is the smart way to go because it will lessen your risk of liability from outsiders and insiders who want to take you down. It will feel good to know that you are protected because every time you have a question you will get an answer for it.


Every time you want to bring your business to another level, you will be in compliance with your jurisdiction’s regulations and laws. Every time you need legal advice you will have someone to turn to.


Contact me, Pawnee A. Davis, Esq., so that she may evaluate your case and keep you out of trouble!