Personal Injury

An accident can happen any day at any time, while you are walking down the street, shopping at a store, at someone’s home, or while driving around in Maryland. Accidents happen because of the carelessness of another, or someone could knowingly cause it. Under the law you are due some compensation for these accidents.


When an accident happens to you, it can be physically and emotionally difficult with long lasting effects. You might wonder:

  • How will my medical bills be paid?
  • How will I afford missing time from work?
  • Can I recover for my pain and suffering?


I have the answers to your questions and can help. You will get your questions answered and get compensated for your accident. With strategy, common sense, legal sense, experience, and knowledge, I get results that help you get free to move on with your life.


In order for your rights to be fully protected you should meet with an attorney as soon as you. Otherwise, waiting too long may hurt your case.


It is important that you know that the insurance company that contacts you is not interested in fully protecting your rights. The company is interested in helping the person or company that caused the accident.


You need someone on your side who will protect you and your rights. If you want a focused, strategic thinker, who cares about her clients, and wants to fight for you, I am that attorney.



Have you ever been through a case and no matter what you did, the judge would not or could not see your position? Do you want to appeal the decision?


Pawnee Davis Law Firm is your partner for the appeal process. Appeals are time sensitive so don’t delay – give us a call and discuss your prospective appeal.


Take a minute and read our blog about considering an appeal.