Allergic Reaction Injuries

Your Allergic Reaction Is Significant

For some people, eating certain foods or touching certain substances that are commonly around can mean ending up in the hospital. or even death If you have an allergy to foods, chemicals, or other substances you are probably hyper-vigilant about avoiding the allergen. You might be conscientious about telling other people that you are allergic to peanuts, for example.

A company may believe that, even if a patron or customer suffered an allergic reaction while in their restaurant or their building, they should not be held responsible. This is not the case. Though, the company will claim that the harm caused to their customer was not, could not have been, their fault. However, the reality is that companies cause harm all the time. Not that they choose to. But their employees may not take allergens seriously if they have not experienced an allergic reaction. An allergen can make its way into a company’s product due to mislabeling by a manufacturer, not including an allergy warning on a label, or due to cross contamination, or not following specifications, among other reasons.


For instance, many allergic reactions are due to an employee at a restaurant not heeding the warning of a customer who clearly states that an ingredient must be left out. This is one of the worst types of situations for an allergic person because, even though the allergic person took the necessary precautions, the restaurant still failed to protect its customer. The allergic person put their trust in the restaurant. Despite the warning, the restaurant harmed its customer.



Allergic Reactions Can Be Life – Threatening

A food or chemical allergen can be serious, life-changing, and life-threatening. These allergens can result in rashes, blisters, welts, or hives. Consuming or coming into contact with an allergen can also result in anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis symptoms include throat swelling, throat closing, and inability to breathe. One only has minutes to receive treatment to stop anaphylaxis. If it is not stopped, anaphylaxis can lead to death.



Evidence, Causation, Proof


Lack of sufficient evidence that proves causation is what makes some allergic reaction cases  more difficult. It is important that if you have an allergic reaction caused by someone else’s negligence that you seek medical treatment immediately, make sure the physician writes up the cause of your reaction in their notes, if you have any witnesses you should document their contact information in case you need it for your legal case. Also consider that an expert witnesses may also need to be involved to have the best chance at winning. So, that your case is taken with the weight that it requires. You want to be sure that you do not fall short in having a strong case.


You will want to speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as you can so that your attorney can put a strong case together and so that you can get the compensation that your deserve. A negligent person is responsible for the harm that they cause you. You are entitled to get what you deserve. Don’t let anyone trivialize your suffering. Reach out to us if you face an allergic reaction at the hands of someone who was negligent.