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Is Mid-March Too Late to Forward Colleges More Information?

I'm waiting to know from three schools and I must have decisions over the following fourteen days or more. Recently I got an award and I'm wondering if it is far too late to deliver it in to augment my applications. Must I deliver this in, or is it perhaps not worth it? Or does it perhaps annoy them? Or are decisions made already? Sorry for so many concerns.

You should not apologize for the questions. That is what 'The Dean' will be here for, therefore the university admission process is really so confusing that it raises concerns galore.

There is actually no disadvantage to notifying your colleges concerning the brand new award, even with your verdicts looming. But only deliver the news headlines if you feel you've won an award that is important and 'important' are going to be defined differently depending on where you're applying. At most hyper-competitive places ( just like the Ivies and any college with an acceptance rate in solitary digits or teenagers), only a major award (national, most readily useful in state, etc.) would go the needle only at that late date. But at most other universities, then email your regional admissions rep today if you feel that the honor you just received is a significant one. The colleges if you can't decide what qualifies as 'significant' write back to explain your award and name. If you do deliver the news headlines to your colleges, make sure to explain the award to