Business Law

Every business wants to succeed and grow to its potential. You need the right components in place to do it. You want to make sure that you aren’t doing anything that would hamper your growth, shut you down, or cause you to violate any laws. Right? Then…let’s talk because I am an entrepreneur, too and I have friends who are entrepreneurs, of family-owned business, small and medium-sized operations, and 6 and 7-figure enterprises. So I understand first-hand what aches and pains your business may have


We want to help you and your business. We will help your business by mitigating risk, analyzing your processes and procedures and improve them, get your legal documents in order, and act as your general counsel. We will help your business lessen the risk of litigation by making sure that they are organized properly, have effective internal structures in place, and the necessary documentation established, in compliance with government requirements. This will help your business stay in business, and it gives you the security that you are safe from legal attack from customers, co-owners, or the government.


Feel confident that you will have nothing to worry about as you manage, sustain, and grow your business. Having an attorney dedicated to your business is the smart way to go because it will lessen your risk of liability from outsiders and insiders who want to take you down. It will feel good to know that you are protected because every time you have a question you will get an answer for it. Every time you want to bring your business to another level you will be in compliance with your jurisdiction’s regulations and laws. Every time you need legal advice you will have someone to turn to.

With our firm as your general counsel, you will be able to:

  • Prepare Contracts
  • Have Necessary Legal Documents in Place
  • Get Business Law Consulting
  • Establish Structures
  • Diagnose Weaknesses
  • Improve Processes and Procedures
  • Conduct Strategic Planning



Have you ever been through a case and no matter what you did, the judge would not or could not see your position? Do you want to appeal the decision?


Pawnee Davis Law Firm is your partner for the appeal process. Appeals are time sensitive so don’t delay – give us a call and discuss your prospective appeal.


Take a minute and read our blog about considering an appeal.