Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Protection

Domestic violence is abuse that includes assault, stalking, kidnapping, harassment, threats of harm, and sexual assault. In domestic violence court your remedy will be civil, such as a restraining order. It is also called a civil protection order). In criminal court the punishment is criminal, such as jail time. My firm handles civil protection orders.


Unfortunately, domestic violence is a very common experience that women of all socioeconomic levels, races, and backgrounds go through, and it also happens to men. I know from representing family law clients that even when you give multiple chances for things to get better, normally if it happened once it will happen again. You can be a professional woman or man with a lot of power and status, but fear your partner. Maybe they are often angry and violent, you walk on egg shells, they are a ticking time bomb. You just want to be safe and free of the abuse.


I’ve successfully obtained restraining orders for my clients so that they are protected from abuse. When I speak to my clients they speak of being on edge and devastated by a current or former romantic partner.

It ruins self-esteem, it triggers or increases psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In addition to physical injuries, tears, and having to be secretive about what is happening to you, it can bring on heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and headaches. It is traumatic. It is soul crushing. It is life changing. And that is no way to live.


If you are the victim of domestic violence you can escape it. You can get your life back. I am an advocate for survivors and those soon-to-be survivors. I have represented many clients and have represented them well. So, you’re in good hands.


What a Restraining Order (Civil Protection Order) Will Do for You


In domestic violence court you have several remedies that we can obtain for you. For example, a civil protection order will give you up to one (1) year of protection from the perpetrator of abuse, and it is renewable. The court can order, among other things, that: the other party stay 100 yards from your home, your work, your school, etc., the other party stay away from your family, or that your possessions that were taken be returned. A civil protection order is enforceable in any state.



Have you ever been through a case and no matter what you did, the judge would not or could not see your position? Do you want to appeal the decision?


Pawnee Davis Law Firm is your partner for the appeal process. Appeals are time sensitive so don’t delay – give us a call and discuss your prospective appeal.


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