Slip and Fall Accidents

Our letter doesn’t constitute a diagnosis. ESA letter would be the letter from the accredited wellness expert that has been in control of your emotional or mental disorder therapy. An ESA letter for housing does not need to be within a particular timeframe.

Letter is going to be emailed in a PDF file with regular processing. Your ESA letter is going to be respected by airlines, landlords, and so on, but only as long as it’s supported through an actual, state-licensed doctor. There are 3 different kinds of letters for ESA dogs that are all for different purposes and each of them must be issued by a mental health professional.

Slip-and-fall accidents can occur anywhere, at someone’s home, in the workplace, or in a public place. Injuries from a fall can disrupt your life and can even change the quality of your life for good. This area of law is also called premise liability. When you go onto someone else’s property they have a duty to make sure that the condition of the property is safe and would not put you in harm’s way. If you are a carpenter working on building a deck and the homeowner does not tell you that he has an aggressive and violent Rottweiler walking around freely outside and has access to the deck If the dog sees you as a threat and happens to bite your leg to the bone, landing you in the hospital, you can and should speak to a personal injury attorney.


The Process

A personal injury attorney will take care of putting the facts together, talking to witnesses, determining the strength of your case and, will be there every step of the way while you recover from your injuries. As you are recovering, your attorney will find out the extent of your injuries, your medical bills, the treatment needed, and the long-term impact, and on your life. This is all to help recoup your costs and get compensated for any non-monetary suffering as well.


Serious Injuries Deserve Adequate Compensation


If you sustained serious injuries that resulted in permanent disability you should receive compensation that reflects the seriousness of the accident. It is important that your attorney has as much information as possible to get you what you deserve. Don’t try to get recovery you’re your injuries on your own. The insurance company will most certainly low-ball you. They know that you probably don’t know everything you are entitled to.


What You Should Do First If Injured


When a slip and fall accident occurs the first thing you should do is seek medical treatment. You will need to document several things, or have someone document for you:

  • What caused your fall? Some common causes are: a spilled substance, a broken staircase, a floor in poor condition, or an escalator that suddenly started.
  • What is the full extent of your injuries? Is there anything that is not so obvious to the naked eye? This information is important so that we are aware of everything you should be compensated for, and what type of proof is needed. These can be spilled substances, a broken staircase,
  • What were the unsafe or dangerous conditions that led to your fall, what were they? Did you or anyone take pictures? Who observed the incident? Were there other witnesses?
  • Gather and give your attorney receipts for out of pocket expenses, number of days out of work, information about your insurance if it was used, and any documents from your doctor that you may already have.


Case Resolution


Your case will be resolved as quickly as possible. Without taking any compensation, until and unless we win your case, your attorney will either negotiate a settlement or take your case to trial if negotiations do not resolve the case. Dealing with insurance companies, their attorneys, and getting you compensated should not and will not be your focus. The burden is on the attorney who will help you get on with the rest of your life.